International Women's Day: Eylon Nuphar

Happy International Women’s Day from us here at P4P! As an organization founded by, inspired by, and run for women, today reminds us to honor the women who have paved the way for us and also to acknowledge the progress there still is to make. On this International Women’s Day, we would like to honor Eylon Nuphar.

Nuphar, 49, is an Israeli performing artist and the co-founder of Mayumama, a dance, song, and percussion group. She is also a BRCA1 carrier and a breast cancer survivor. At 33, Nuphar was first diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy, a lumpectomy, and radiation. After 16 years of remission, her breast cancer returned in 2020. Nuphar opted for a double mastectomy with no reconstructive surgery. Now, Nuphar dances and models bare-chested, inspiring women far-and-wide to embrace their scars. She describes herself as “flat and fierce,” and we don’t disagree!

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