Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Here at Passionate 4 Pink, we hold the Joanne design very close to our hearts. Joanne Udoff Goldkrand was the grandmother of one of our co-founders, Whitney Cohen. She died of metastatic Breast Cancer in 2013 after a battle of more than five years. Whitney was inspired to begin her extensive involvement in hospital life and Breast Cancer fundraising and awareness following Joanne’s passing. Joanne’s vibrant spirit lives on through her five grandchildren, two daughters, and husband. She was a special education teacher and later principal in New York City, and had a passion for helping people. She loved to play tennis and was an alumni of Tufts University. Her strong value of academics has inspired generations of girls in her family to strive for academic excellence. Joanne was also well known for her selfless nature, caring tendencies, and strong will. She was especially recognizable by her vivid and lively blue eyes, which are reflected by the blue nature of the Joanne design.

may 11th, 2020

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